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Realistic Success in an Instant Gratification World

Beverly Sills quote about No ShortcutsThere are many people in our society who expect instant gratification … perhaps it is even becoming the new “norm”.

They want to lose weight instantly … and so will indulge in ridiculous fad diets.

They want to win at whatever they are doing, sports, video games, work contests… without putting in the effort needed to become a winner.

This instant gratification world spills over into work when people want to be promoted … without EARNING the opportunity.

It takes effort and discipline to be successful.

It takes a willingness to learn and to change.

It often takes a willingness to accept some risk.

In most cases, in order for someone to be promoted they need to have mastered their current role!

“Instant gratification is so overrated. It’s about the process. It’s the difficulty. It’s the grind of all of it that you better enjoy. That’s what makes it great.”  Bob Myers

Success requires a plan, AND the will to execute on that plan!

Are YOU up for it?

Enjoy the journey!

“It takes years to make an overnight success.”  Eddie Cantor

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