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Reaching Long Term Goals in an Instant Gratification World

Beverly Sills quote about No ShortcutsThere are many people in our society who expect instant gratification … perhaps it is even becoming the new “norm”.

They want to lose weight instantly … and so will indulge in ridiculous fad diets.

They want to win at whatever they are doing, sports, video games, work contests… without putting in the required effort to get good.

They want to be promoted, perhaps even want the bosses chair from day one … without the effort it takes to become proficient in their current role.

They want instant information … so their smart phones are never far from their face.

They want instant connection … and so they are texting constantly.

They become addicted to online games (or worse) … and can’t wait to play, which affects their work.

Their addiction to “instant gratification” means that they cannot stay focused on their task for any length of time … making them incredibly inefficient.

Perhaps it is a societal form of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)!

How can people with such a short horizon ever reach their potential?

I truly believe that it takes effort and discipline to be successful.  Not characteristics I that I would typically associate with ADHD!

It takes a willingness to learn and to change.

It often takes a willingness to accept some risk.

“Instant gratification is so overrated. It’s about the process. It’s the difficulty. It’s the grind of all of it that you better enjoy. That’s what makes it great.”  Bob Myers

I do still believe that it is possible for ADHD people to be successful … but they do need a plan, and the will to execute on that plan!

1.  They need to have their big goal to aim for.

2.  They can then break that down into many smaller goals that will take them on that journey to the big goal (eating the elephant one bite at a time)!

3.  They can then focus on meeting each “mini goal” one at a time … and perhaps rewarding themselves for each small success.

4.  They WILL need to exercise SOME self-discipline … creating a plan and sticking to it.

5.  They will need to do the work … but in smaller, more manageable chunks.

6.  They will need to apply some focus … to meet those smaller goals, but they can indulge their ADHD habit when between goals.

7.  They will need to set their own expectations accordingly … because the work needs to get done before the rewards come.

The better solution would be to lose those ADHD habits, to accept that success will come faster if you consistently apply self-disciple and focus, leaving all of the “noise” for outside the workplace.  Some might even say … grow up!

Can you break your smart phone habit?

Can you break your instant gratification habit?

Maybe some addiction counseling could help!

“Cell phone dependency is now called compulsive communicating.”  … Spokesman Review

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