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Read a Book … Read the Newspaper … just Read!

Truman quote about readingWhatever career you pursue communication skills will be a great asset.

They can differentiate you from the crowd.  They can help you to convince people, to sell your ideas or to stand out as interesting.

There is no way to exercise those communication skills without reading!

1. The world is changing at an incredible pace.
2. What you thought was fact a couple of years ago is probably out of date!
3. Read the paper and find out what is going on in the world.
4. Read a business magazine and see how businesses are thinking and operating in a changing world.
5. Read a business book and go deep on issues like change, leadership, sales, marketing etc.
6. Read industry periodicals to see what is happening in your industry.
7. Read interesting articles that you can share with clients and colleagues.
8. Read a good novel and expand your brain, learn new words, understand how people formulate ideas and explain complex situations.

  • Reading exercises your brain.
  • Reading brings knowledge.
  • Reading makes you more interesting.
  • Reading makes you more relevant.
  • Reading opens up possibilities.

Do yourself a favor … make room in your life for reading!

“The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.”  Mark Twain

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