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Recharging the Batteries

picture of a batteryI think that I am the last person in the world to give advice about “chilling” … as my son would call it. Of course he has mastered that fine art and has provided me with advice on the subject many times. It seems that I fail miserably in that department.

So why am I blogging about “down time” or relaxation.

Sometimes we all need to recharge the batteries … it can be a physical thing or it can be a mental thing, and we are all different.

There is that phrase … a change is as good as a rest, and I can definitely subscribe to that theory when trying to recharge from the stresses thrown at us in day to day life. A week on an active holiday could really be refreshing, make the body feel good and give the mind some distance from stress resulting making us feel refreshed and ready to charge back into the daily fray.

When the mental stresses get you down then an increase in physical activity can really help. A good workout can make you feel good, and an increase in fitness levels can make you feel really good about yourself.

When the need for a rest is physical then there is a different answer. It could be because of illness, or a prolonged period of extreme effort or because of an injury. Under those circumstances an active holiday might actually not help that much … perhaps a week lying in a hammock reading a few good books might actually prove more beneficial.

We all work hard in this crazy world we live in, we do need to take time to look after ourselves. Sometimes we just need a mental break, sometimes a physical one … and when we do, it sets us up to go again!

I can definitely get better at that “chilling” thing …but I am trying!

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