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There are many people that I admire, most of whom I will never know … but they affect how I lead my life, they are role models to me.  It might be more accurate to say that there are many “types of people” that I admire because I only know their public persona, and not the private person behind it. 

I admire people who make things happen;  I admire people who LIVE their dream; I admire people who have passion; I admire people who have a goal and “go for it”; I admire entrepreneurs;  I admire people who give it their best shot … win or lose; I admire people who dedicate their life to politics, a cause, the arts; charities, building something, giving; I admire people with “grit”; I admire people with compassion; I admire people who treat others well.

That are a lot of role models that help me to become the person I want to become … but ALL of that group of people represent a very small minority of the population. 

Today a great Canadian passed away.  I don’t need to be a fan of his politics to admire Jack Layton.  He was committed to his goals, he dedicated his life to Canadian politics, he was a great leader who achieved great things, he was a compassionate man with grit and passion.  He was 61 years old and cancer got him .. he will be missed.

We all question our own mortality from time to time, whether it is when we lose someone close to us, we hear a story of  loss that strikes a chord or someone like Jack Layton passes away.   I often write about the importance of truly LIVING life, of making the most of our situation and striving to reach our potential.   some time ago I wrote a blog entry about Mortality that is worth a read.

Are you LIVING your life?  

“Every man dies, not every man TRULY lives” … from the movie Braveheart. 

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