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Sales 101 – Compelling Messages

I started writing this blog just about six years ago, and one of my early entries was A Tip to Salespeople from a Busy Executive.  Clearly someone had managed to get under my skin with a less than professional approach to selling.  Six years later it still happens, and I wonder if any of these people invest in themselves.

First thing … if you are going to be in sales get some training.  Here in Canada for example you might want to check out the CPSA training.

Note:  If you are currently in a sales role and have not had any training I would highly recommend getting some.  It won’t hurt!!

Back to my original complaint …

1.  If you are trying get a prospect’s attention then your message to him/her needs to hit the mark.

2.  It should be short enough that they will read it … too long and you lose their attention.

3.  It should be “compelling” … ie. something that interests the reader.

4.  They should NOT have to work to understand the message.

5.  Do NOT ask them to go to some other website to read stuff that you think will then convince them of your value.  Establish value FIRST and then its OK to bring on more messages.

6.  Your messages should not be about YOU … they should be about your PROSPECT.  What is of interest to THEM!

It seems so easy doesn’t it?  Its amazing how often people miss the mark.

An old mentor of mine used to be a fan of the “so what” test.  Read the message and then ask so what?  If the answer isn’t clear, or relevant then its pretty much useless!

Some useless messages …

Other companies in your industry use this … so what?

It is a “state of the art” solution … so what?

It is the latest thing … so what?

Sales is a valuable and honourable profession that gets a black eye from poorly trained people … go get some sales training!

Kevin Dee is CEO of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)
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