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Sometimes it is the little things that can give us satisfaction … and that is OK!

Yesterday I blogged about getting control of a VERY busy workload.

Today I put the plan to the test … and I feel better! I definitely got some satisfaction.

I did not get ALL of the things done that are sitting waiting for me, but I did have a productive day … I have been able to cross off some significant “to dos”; I did make a dent in some others; and I got a bunch of smaller things done. That feels good.

Here I am at 6:15pm feeling good enough to take a few minutes to blog! Even that feels good, because I have a personal goal of blogging “almost” every business day, so when I miss a day it weighs on my conscience.

Tonight I will do some catch-up reading and prep for tomorrow, and I feel much more in control.

When the world seems a little overwhelming, when the work seems to be mounting up and the pressure is on … you NEED some satisfaction. Maybe if Mick Jagger had realised that all those years ago, the lyrics to his song might have been different, something like “I am getting satisfaction” … or maybe he wasn’t talking about work stuff!

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