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Some Interesting Websites

Anybody reading this blog is likely a fairly sophisticated user of the internet and I would consider myself to be fairly knowledgeable about the possibilities of the internet. Having said that there are always new and interesting ideas/sites/opportunities in this online world … and I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you.

1. Google alerts. Google has a host of different capabilities beyond its basic search capability. One that I use is called Google Alerts and it will automatically find new web content that is pertinent to you. For example if you create an “alert” based on your company name then Google will tell you whenever the company is mentioned online. Obviously there are many many uses for this capability.

2. Tiny URL. This is one of a few sites that will take those long url names you want to send to a friend or client and make them much more manageable.

3. CEOExpress. One of many sites that can be used as a personal portal, giving access to a ton of web tools in one easy to use format. This is not a free site, but I like it so much that I have been paying for it for a few years now.

4. Songs to Wear Pants To. You want a personalised song, in any genre, to celebrate an occasion? This is the site … whether it is for a wedding, a birthday or a company event this site will deliver a customised song to fit the occasion.

Just a few of the sites and tools around the internet that you might find useful. Apologies to those of you who knew all this already … and if you have ideas I would be interested to hear them.

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