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Sometimes You Just Have to Go For It!

When we started Eagle we took a leap of faith that we could turn the various assets we bought, into a going concern.  We took on significant debt, mortgaged to the hilt and started a business that very nearly failed in the first month.  The failure would have meant starting over for me and my family, and a similar story for the partners who chose to invest at that time.  We knew that heading in, and we went for it anyway.

I can tell you it was scary, it was very motivating and yet sixteen years later I can safely say it was a leap of faith that has paid off.

The biggest leaps do generally bring the biggest risks … but also the biggest rewards.

If you find yourself with that kind of decision you need to understand that only you can make it, that there are no guarantees in life, that if you BELIEVE you can do it then chances are you WILL.

So …

Understand the opportunity.

Understand the risks.

Understand the rewards.

And sometimes you just have to take that Leap of Faith!

Kevin Dee is CEO of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)
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