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Taking Life for Granted

Most people need to work at life.

We put in effort in school to get the marks required to pass courses and eventually graduate.

We work at our sports to compete at an appropriate level.

We work at our careers to reach the levels we aspire to.

We work at our health to achieve our quality of life.

For SOME people “things” can come easier than others.  The person who is naturally gifted in academics, in sport or seemingly has those “never puts on weight” genes!

SOME people just make it look effortless … while they are actually working hard to achieve their place.

SOME people get discouraged when they see others seemingly achieving goals effortlessly.

Here is the thing … its OK to measure yourself against others, it is NOT OK get discouraged by those you perceive to have it easier than you!  You don’t REALLY know all the facts!

All of us can benefit from a “gut check” every now and then to make sure we are NOT taking things in our life for granted.

Are you taking your health for granted?  Do you get regular check-ups?  Do you try to have a reasonable healthy lifestyle?  We only get one go at this … my intention is to stick around as long as possible!

Are you taking your job success for granted?  Are you getting stale?  Do you invest in yourself … or expect that to be taken care of by your company?  When was the last time YOU invested in YOU?

Are you taking your relationships for granted?  Do you take more than you give?  Are you making deposits into those emotional bank accounts?

It is easy to take life for granted … and life has a way of upsetting that apple cart!

Presume, at your own risk!

The arrogance of success is to think that what we did yesterday is good enough for tomorrow.”  …  William Pollard

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