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Ten Reasons Why Sales People Need to Be Out Meeting Clients

Ten reasons to be out meeting with your clients …

1.  It is hard to build a rapport, which grows to trust which becomes a valued relationship if you are not meeting with them enough.

2.  You can be sure that your competition are meeting with your client … and very often the prize goes to the one who is “top of mind”.

3.  If you are out in the market meeting your client you will bump into other people, you will have relevant conversations and learn about other opportunities.

4.  When you meet with a client and ask lots of questions you learn about them, their challenges and how they like to do business.  You learn about who they are … and you will be surprised how easy it is to like people when you get to know them.

5.  When you like people it shows, and they are far more likely to like you … go back to tip #1 and repeat!

6.  When you are in the office your manager is wondering why their salesperson isn’t out getting orders, closing business and building relationships.

7.  It is very rare that REAL opportunity comes while you sit at your desk waiting for the phone to ring.

8.  The more relationships you have in the marketplace the more opportunities you will uncover and your market intelligence will improve, helping you to win more business.

9.  It is a lot more gratifying as a salesperson to be active, to be executing on a sales strategy than sitting in the office “researching”.

10.  Your chances of closing business are far better face to face.

“Keep your sales pipeline full by prospecting continuously.  Always have more people to see than you have time to see them.”  Brian Tracy

The sales role is challenging but it is really easy to over think it … meet lots of people, be interested in them and you will be a long way down the road to success.

Kevin Dee is Chairman and founder of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)
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3 thoughts on “Ten Reasons Why Sales People Need to Be Out Meeting Clients

  1. You make some good points here Kevin. I would add that inherent in the word “Salesperson”, at least for me, means they are outbound. Those that sit at their desks are what I refer to as order-takers. Big difference in pay.

    When I was newly minted in this business I asked my manager for an office with a window. His response… “Breininger the only window you need is your windshield”. A valuable lesson still today!

  2. John I liked your story, I had similar sales managers. I think the messages were a little rough but the sentiment remains … most companies want their sales team to be maximising face time with clients! Waiting for the phone to ring is part of the “hope and a prayer” sales strategy!

  3. John, great comment from your manager. Having watched many sales people come and go, the one thing they all had in common was they liked to sit in their offices, looking busy, waiting for the phone to ring. That was a great lesson to me in my early sales career, but even more valuable now in our role of changing sales and service behaviors for people to see and experience that doing it differently, will result in different, and positive changes in their life.

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