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That Serenity Prayer

Every now and again it is important to be reminded of some old lessons.  Things we “know” but perhaps have forgotten, or at the least they are no longer top of mind.

The serenity prayer is a classic … because if we become obsessed with things we cannot change then it will detract from our true mission in life, whatever that might be.  It can also be hard on our psyche … because we feel that inability to affect an outcome!

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.”  Henry Ford

Here are some basic truths

1.  There will always be (smart) people on both sides of most significant arguments.  Politics is a classic …  with a divide between left and right across the world.

2.  However much you achieve there will always be more to do … just a fact.  If you are building a company it is never done.  If you are working towards equality in the workforce it is never done.

3.  There is always more to learn … and at times, in certain circumstances even the brightest of us can feel a little silly.  What do you know about the latest developments in technology, bio-sciences or medical discoveries?  What detail do you know of political history or history of a given region in the world?

4.  No matter how clearly you communicate … there will always be some people who hear a different message than the one you intended to deliver.

5.  On any given day we can worry about things we can’t control, tasks we can’t complete and the volume of “things” that need doing … OR we can just prioritise the things we CAN do, and get them done!

The intent of this post is merely to clarify that if you stay focused on the things you CAN influence then you will be at your most effective.  If you waste energy “tilting at windmills” then you lose your effectiveness … and potentially drag yourself down!

The call to action is FOCUS your energies on where they can have some impact!

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2 thoughts on “That Serenity Prayer

  1. Thank you Kevin,

    I’m an expert at eating myself up over things beyond my control; especially politics and the “establishment” that runs our society. Decided I needed to find a picture of the Serenity Prayer in Google Images and found yours, along with your sermon, which helps too.

    Yokosuka, Japan

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