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The Blackberry Decision – A Pragmatic Compromise!

So … RIM paid $612.5 million to save my blackberry service.

I’m grateful that I am not going to have my routine disrupted, that I will still be able to work on my Blackberry Thumb and be one of those annoying people who is permanently connected. I do like to think my etiquette is reasonable, I don’t sneak looks in meetings, I don’t email other meeting participants, I don’t use it in restaurants or when I am meeting with people … I do however take every opportunity to stay on top of my ever increasing email “pile”.

The fact that RIM paid $612.5 million to NTP does leave a bad taste in my mouth (wonder how The RIM management feel?) and reminds me that as a business person, every now and then I have to make the same kind of decision. Should I fight the frivolous case when the cost to “settle” is far less? Should I just “take it” and move on … or take “the high road” and fight the frivolous cases?

A friend (and lawyer) once painted a picture for me. “Kevin … you can fight this and you WILL win. However, its a black cloud hanging over you, by the time you “settle”, and you will, you might cover your costs. AND more importantly its negative energy … why not focus on the positive things in your life!”

Good advice! I have never really forgotten that lesson … maybe Mike Lazaridis is wishing he did that a few years and $600+ million ago! Of course its easy to comment with 20-20 hindsight, but my friend Dan taught me to look for the signs!

Walk fast and Smile! … a Dee-ism to live by!

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