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The Devil is in the Detail

“I’m not good at detail” is probably one of life’s great excuses! Some others might say “Its just admin … it’s not important!” Well, I beg to differ!

Practically every job demands for people to enter data into systems or follow some detailed steps to complete a task. We all enter data, whether it is names and addresses of clients, the amount to bill for goods or services, the prescription drugs to be administered or a details of a meeting. We almost all have to deal with “admin” at some point or other.

It is attitude that makes the difference. Do you “own” that responsibility, or is it just an irritant that you tolerate badly? Do you take pride in your work and make sure you have details correct, or do you throw in whatever is top of mind and leave the rest for “someone” to figure out?

What if your doctor got the details wrong?
How about the guy that fuels your airplane?
Maybe your garage guy might forget to tighten something?

If you are sloppy and don’t take ownership it is noticed. If you are sloppy in the “details” then how could you ever be considered for advancement? How could you ever be considered a top performer? Worse … how could you accept a second rate performance for yourself?

In a previous blog I talked about the difference between winners and losers as being inches, fractions of a second or perhaps a goal. Maybe the difference between those who get ahead and those that don’t is detail! Maybe you better hope your nurse, doctor and mechanic pay attention to detail … but if YOU don’t, then how could you complain? Think about that next time you have details to deal with!

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