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The Holiday Season

This is a funny time of year … some observations about the run up to the holiday.

  • The roads are quiet on the drive to work … (I walk but I see the reduced traffic).
  • The malls are teeming with frenzied buyers.
  • Tim Hortons is as busy as ever … I still have to line up for my coffee!
  • People are winding down at work.
  • Non stop advertising for the latest greatest gadget.
  • There are lots of parties … lunch and evening.
  • There is a reduced commitment to healthy eating.
  • There is holiday music music playing all over the place … malls, bars, offices, coffee shops.

What I don’t see so much these days … but it is still there, just buried amongst the hustle and bustle of big box shopping and frenzied partying.

  • A focus on what the holiday is REALLY about.
  • A commitment to the family time OVER the commercial aspects of the holiday.
  • A commitment to giving rather than receiving.

Nothing new, just an observation that this holiday is NOT one of my favorites … it has become “all about me” and far too little about giving to those who need it. Maybe this is another one of societies “norms” that could benefit from a makeover!

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