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The Holiday Season is Here!

For many of us the holiday season means a break from work and a focus on the family. Its a time for spending a little more time resting, maybe eating a little much, getting a few presents and generally having some fun family time.

It can also be a good time to take a few minutes and reflect back on the year … was the year everything you would have hoped? What might you have done differently? What achievements can you point to with pride? What “hiccups” did you have?

It is a time when you are away from you daily work and can perhaps look at your world a little more critically and see how your life plan is working out. I have written several blogs about setting goals and thought I would “put them out there” again for those who might want to get some ideas.

Back in July 2006 I wrote about Goals … the way to take charge of your life.Just about a year ago I wrote about the year end wrap up and new year planning process, which is just a relevant today.In May this year I nagged people again about the power of goals and pointed out that it can start any time, so “just do it”.
Finally in June this year I did my last nagging on the subject of goals.

None of us is perfect at this stuff, so its very like the analogy of being chased by a grizzly bear … you don’t have to be faster than the bear, you just need to be faster than one of your friends running next to you! If setting goals makes you a little better than the next person it can be the difference between getting a job or not, being promoted or not; getting the deal or not etc.

Have a super holidays and treat yourself with a few minutes planning your life!

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