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Kevin on motorbike ride in Vegas at Inc Riders SummitI have been writing this blog for just about 8 years … the first entry was in January 2006.  Over that period of time I have written almost 1,600 entries and of course some have received more interest than others.  So … I thought I would share my Top 10 Most Popular Blogs.

#10.  Improving Your Performance at Work provided 5 easy things you could do tomorrow to improve your productivity, plus talked about why you would want to do that.

#9.  Sales Success Through Goals was one of many sales focused blog entries I have written but provided 10 thoughts that might help a sales person with their success rate.

kevin the boxer#8  What Could You Do with Twenty Minutes?  I am a huge fan of making the most of the time I have available and this was just some ideas about maximising small amounts of available time!

#7.  Managing Your Time … 10 Tips is fairly self-explanatory.  Another time management focused entry where I gave 10 tips for how people could be more productive.

#6.  What I Learn From Watching Hockey or Any Sport was possibly popular because I mentioned Canada’s favorite game!   However with this blog entry I try to show that you can learn from many situations, in this case I gave 5 lessons from watching the playoffs in hockey.

Kevin with Toronto bike in garage#5.  Independent Contractors and the Non-Compete Clause.  This is an entry particularly relevant as the CRA look closely at the status of “independent contractors”.  If you, as an independent contractor want to be treated like an employee (no risk) then CRA will classify you as an employee … think about that!

#4.  The Magical To Do List.   Another time management entry … this one with 10 thoughts on using To Do lists to be more productive.  I call them Magical, because they are one of the most powerful time management tools!

kevin-dee#3.  Ten Reasons Why Strategic Planning is MANDATORY for Any Business.  A fairly self-explanatory title, but I credit strategic planning as a critical component of Eagle’s success and could not envisage how any company would be successful without a regular strategic focus!

#2.  Five Good Habits You Should Develop.  At number 2 on the list this was a very simple blog entry listing 5 relatively easy habits you could cultivate that would make a positive difference in your life.  Nothing earth shattering, but definitely capable of making a positive impact.

#1.  That Serenity Prayer.  The most popular blog entry was another simple concept, but one that we all need to remind ourselves about from time to time.  If we can focus our energy on the things we CAN control we will ultimately be happier people.

I hope there was something there that caught your eye!

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