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The Power of Being Organised

There are many “wins” to making the best use of your time.  You can be more productive … which can mean (a) producing MORE in the SAME AMOUNT OF TIME as others; or (b) producing The SAME in LESS TIME than others.   This could mean … having more time to do “other stuff’; having more time to do “nothing”; getting ahead in your career because you stand out from your peers … etc.

So … it is not hard to believe that paying attention to productivity is good for anyone.

I have written many blog entries on this subject and earlier this year compiled a “top 10” list of those blogs, called “Ten Blog Entries for Personal Productivity“.

If you are serious about getting more efficient … even if just to try and get more control of your life, thus reducing stress … maybe you could invest some time in reading those blog entries.

If you want a quick fix to keep you going … here are three things you could do.

1.  Create a “To Do’ list … and keep it current.

2.  Set time aside at the end of each day to review your list, add to it, cross some off and decide the priority items for the next day.

3.  Don’t be driven by email; or by the telephone.  Instead YOU decide when to read and respond to emails; and set aside “non phone” time.

If you master those  things you WILL see an improvement in your personal productivity (perhaps then you will have time to read those ten blog entries)!

Kevin Dee is CEO of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)
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