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The Second Half!

I’m a soccer player … and next to “theatrical dives” one of the things soccer players do well is use cliches!

I had a coach whose favorite line at the half time point of a game was … “It’s a game of two halves!”  he was pretty convinced that this was a deep philosophical statement designed to make us realise that no matter how well or how poorly we had played in the first half, we still had 45 minutes to win the game!

Well … to paraphrase that great philosopher, “The year comes in two halves, the first six months and the second six months!” 

What is my point?

Now is the time have a GREAT second half!

Are you on track with your plans?

Can you revisit your plans for the year and modify them to have a fantastic finish?

With six months (less a couple of weeks) to go, there is time to make things happen.  If you wait till October it might well be too late.

Go get ’em!!!  (Another one of his sayings!)

Kevin Dee is CEO of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)
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