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The Spirit of D-Day is Alive

Sixty-eight years ago today 160,000 young men landed on a 50 mile stretch of beach in Normandy in the event known as D-day.  It is widely recognised as the beginning of the end for Hitler’s evil empire!

My dad fought in that war for all of the six years from 1939 to 1945, joining the British army as an eighteen year old … returning as a very old twenty-four year old.

People like my dad, and the young men who landed on that Normandy beach, made tremendous sacrifices for us.

1.  We cannot let that sacrifice be forgotten.

2.  We have a responsibility to continue the “fight” … to make this a better world for future generations.

3.  The word “sacrifice” cannot be forgotten either … it should not be all about “me”!

4.  Every generation has its challenges … if we can harness the same kind of commitment that my dad’s generation showed then we can make sure our kids inherit a world worth having. 


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