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What is Important to You?

It is good to reflect every now and then about the things in your life that are important. The reality is that all aspects of your life are important and in order to enjoy a full and rewarding life you should work at all of it.

It is important to look after your health, to try and do the things that make you feel better and hopefully last longer!

It is important to have a job that gives you what you need. For some people that might be just a pay cheque and an environment that is tolerable, for others it needs to be challenging work and for others it could be all about the coworkers.

It is important to have a good home life. That could mean lots of family or not, it could mean lots of friends or not, it could mean pets and hobbies, it could mean peace and tranquility or speed and danger. Again we are all different but we need to work at developing the kind of home life that works for us.

Personally I like to bring a passion to my life, to really find the things that “turn my crank” and to put all of my energy into them. When I am immersed in my passions then I really feel alive and I feel like I am making the most of my time.

Anyone who reads this blog regularly will know that I am a passionate believer in our industry and the value that we bring. I am passionate about Eagle and our vision is not some piece of paper stuck on a wall … we live it. I want this company to be the first choice for clients, IT professionals and employees.

I get passionate about charities, supporting the needy and giving back to a society that gives us so much.

My work and other commitments mean that I don’t have a ton of hobbies but I do love to get out on my motorbike. Whether it is cruising to Montreal on a Friday night with Janis or cranking that throttle on a quiet, open highway alone it is an exhilarating feeling.

I love the tranquility of my home, and so when my idiot neighbour decided to take down as many of the 30 foot cedars on the property line that he could get away with … and replace them with a 7 foot stucco wall, a different kind of passion was on display! He is just lucky I didn’t let the Liverpool in me come out to play!

I am passionate about staying in shape. I am no spring chicken anymore but I have been basically the same weight for the last 30 years, I still work out 4 or 5 times a week and do what I can to stay healthy. Again this is always a work in progress, doing the same things week in and week out for 30 years won’t work. I switch it up, find things I can “get into” and then I can crank the itunes, use the exercise time to think and benefit from a good workout.

If you can find things that are important in your life then they can help you to really feel alive.

Speaking of things that are important in your life, later today I will be jumping on a plane to go to the UK. I will be visiting with a sharp, witty and interesting eighty-five year old Irish lady. She is ninety pounds of pure energy, reads voraciously, will debate politics anytime and can talk intelligently on almost any subject and yet she was forced to leave formal schooling in her early teens. This lady has a passion for life … and she is my Mom, I guess I come by that Irish temper honestly!

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