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What is Important?

“Everything is relative” … is a great statement.

If you are told that you have a terminal illness then life comes into sharp focus … we quickly understand where our priorities should be.

Does that mean that work, career, hobbies, achievements, fitness, travel etc, are NOT important?

Of course not … because for most of us those things are about life, and we since we only get one chance at living then we need to the best we can for ourselves.

So … UNLESS someone comes to give you terrible news that causes you to refocus, you need to live life to the fullest!


ACHIEVE … and be proud of those achievements!

GIVE … and enjoy giving!

One last point … the little things that “niggle” can really drag you down. This is where that earlier statement comes in, “Everything is relative”! In the great scheme of things, if you focus on seeing the good in life then it will FREE YOU to ENJOY, ACHIEVE, GIVE etc etc

Think about it!

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