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What Makes You Smile?

Think about what makes you smile.

It is a GREAT way to focus your attention on all that is good in your life.

By focusing on the good, (a) the other stuff appears much less important, (b) it takes the sting out of the tough stuff and (c) it reminds you to strive for the good!

Me and my momI love my life and have so much that makes me smile …

  • I get enjoyment from my fitness routines, relishing a good workout.
  • I love it when my team wins, any of my teams.
  • I get a smile snowshoeing on Lake Simcoe, walking on the beach in Florida, taking the dog for a walk on a crisp Winter day (not too cold) or a nice Summer day.
  • I get pleasure from vacations that involve sunshine and motorcycles.kevin, Sam and the Indian Chieftain
  • I get a smile from helping others.
  • I smile when I think about the life we have built over the last thirty plus years.
  • I smile when I get to relax with a sudoku on a Saturday morning.
  • I smile when I get to enjoy good company and a nice meal in a good restaurant … or these days, as takeout from a nice restaurant!
  • I smile when I talk to my 98 year old mum, see the picture!
  • I smile when I am hanging with my grandson, see the picture.

I smile for all sorts of reasons!

In fact one of my favorite sayings is “Walk Fast and Smile“!

Smiling is always good for you. Even when things are tough we can find reasons to smile, so make the effort!  Find those reasons to smile!

What makes YOU smile?

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3 thoughts on “What Makes You Smile?

  1. I smile when I see my grandchildren.
    I smile when I play with my grandchildren
    I smile when I see my best friends
    I smile when I see my husband

  2. I smile when I see my kids doing well or doing something that they love. They are almost too old to be calling them “kids” anymore… but they’ll always be and they’ll always make me smile.

    Great post, Kevin… Perspective. So important and so hard to find!

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