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Will Your Resolutions Fizzle…

…or Will You Do Something Different?

Inevitably this time of year brings up the subject of New Year Resolutions… even though ANY time of year is good for setting new goals, or deciding to make a difference in your life January always seems like a good time for changes .  The problem for most people is sticking to those plans … because changing “anything’ is hard.  This week the gyms will all be busy, the weight loss clinics will be crammed and lots of people will be starting their campaigns to change.  Next week they won’t be quite so busy and a month from now they will all be back to normal.  Sad but true.

So … assuming that you would like to change something up for the better, then what can you do? 

1.  Be realistic.  You need goals that are achievable, plans that can be executed and a time frame that is reasonable.

2.  Be committed.  If you “kinda want to“, think it would be “a good idea”, really “should do it” … then you are going to fail.  You have to absolutely WANT (with capital letters) to achieve this goal.

3.  Don’t repeat old mistakes … it you tried a plan and it didn’t work then try something else, or do it differently.

4.  Be accountable.  Tell two people what you are going to do and ask them to check in on you as added motivation to meet your goal!  They should be people that you would not want to fail and in fact, you need to be a little embarrassed to tell them if you are failing.

5.  Don’t stop once you get that first goal!   You just proved you can create a goal to aim for, create a plan to meet the goal and execute on that plan until you achieve your goal.  Now do it again!

6.  Be VERY proud that you achieved a goal, be EXTRA proud when you achieve that second goal … and know that by repeating this process you will change your life!

So what are you waiting for?  Go do it!!!

Kevin Dee is CEO of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)

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