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Words To Live By!

How do you live your life?  

Is it an “existence” or is it a “journey”? 

Is it full of joy or is it full of pain? 

Are you a “giver”, a “taker” or an “avoider”.

I love my life!  There is no perfection and I would not want it if there was.  There are always challenges, but through them I grow and learn.  I don’t wait for “life to happen” I “make it happen”.  I don’t “dream” about the impossible … I dream about what I might achieve and I chase that dream.  I fail. I win. I fall. I get up.

It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.  In hindsight the biggest thing you can do to make your life more fun, more interesting, more rewarding … is to live by a set of principles that work for you.

Here are some things to think about … you can read and discard, you can totally ignore, you can dip your toe in and try something or you can just believe and give it a try.

  • Be kinder than necessary … you don’t know what that other person is “dealing with”.
  • Smile … it will make you feel better and will have a positive affect on those around you.
  • Do everything you do … with purpose!
  • Dreams are good … it is action that will get you there.
  • It is often easy to fool people for a while … but are you really deceiving yourself?
  • You only have one go at this life … why not “go for it”?
  • It is NEVER too late to start …
  • Giving is a great way to grow … it almost always finds its way back in some fashion.
  • Work when you should be working … play when you should be playing.
  • Look after yourself … there is no warranty.

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