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You Only Live Once (YOLO)

You Only Live Once quote from Mae WestA couple of thoughts for a hot Toronto evening …

1.  You don’t have to “kill yourself” in order to be successful.

2.  Some people THINK they work hard, some people actually work hard … many people will not know in which camp they fall!

3.  When you are working … WORK!

4.  When you are not working … use your time wisely.

5.  Wise use of time is a very personal thing … if you are enjoying it, then likely its good for you!

6.  The crucial thing for work success is productivity, not hours worked.

7.  At different times of your life you will need to make differeing levels of commitment to your success.  Just because you “earned your stripes” in the past does not mean you won’t need to do it again.

8.  Don’t work hard for anyone else … just do it because its the right thing for YOU to do.

9.  To me, true success means being happy with who you are.  It is possible to be content with your lot in life, no matter what you do … so money, position, power are all just measures of success if that is what YOU want.

10.  Don’t live your life at the expense of others.

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