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Your Mission (should you accept it) is to Get People Smiling!

smile quote by Phyllis DillerDecember is a tough month!

It is cold outside!

We are all expected to get our work done even though we have less work days to do it!

Many of us are preparing for the holidays, which can get a little stressful.

So … make it your mission to get as many smiles as possible this December.

Smiles are contagious … so the best place to start is by smiling yourself.

Be nice to people.

Give a few dollars to the people who need it.

Hold the door open for strangers.

Be thoughtful and find ways to get people smiling.

If you can do it then YOU will be the biggest beneficiary, because it will make YOU feel good!

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.”  William Arthur Ward

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